Democratic Candidates for the November 8, 2022 Election

You may bring this Voter Guide with you into the polling place.


Amendment 1, Right to Collective Bargaining Measure (2022): YES


Note: Incumbents are marked *


US Senator: Tammy Duckworth*

US House of Representatives, 5th District: Mike Quigley*

US House of Representatives, 9th District: Jan D. Schakowsky*

US House of Representatives, 11th District: Brad Schneider*

US House of Representatives, 11th District: Bill Foster


Governor: JB Pritzker*

Lieutenant Governor: Juliana Stratton*

State Treasurer: Michael Frerichs*

Secretary of State: Alexi Giannoulias

Attorney General: Kwame Raoul*

Comptroller: Susana Mendoza*

State Senate 26th District: Maria Peterson

State Senate 29th District: Julie Morrison*

State Senate 30th District: Adriane Johnson*

State Senate 31st District: Mary Edly-Allen

State Senate 32nd District: Allena Barbato

State Representative 51st District: Nabeela Syed

State Representative 52nd District: Mary Morgan

State Representative 57th District: Jonathan Carroll*

State Representative 58th District: Bob Morgan*

State Representative 59th District: Daniel Didech*

State Representative 60th District: Rita Mayfield*

State Representative 61st District: Joyce Mason*

State Representative 62nd District: Laura Faver Dias

State Representative 64th District: Rick Konter


Lake County Clerk: Anthony Vega

Lake County Treasurer: Holly Kim*

Lake County Sheriff: John Idleburg*

Lake County Regional Superintendent of Schools: Michael L Karner

Lake County Board

(District 1): Brian M Hayden

(District 2): Linda Troester

(District 3): Wendy S Meister

(District 4): Gina Roberts*

(District 5): Sharon Smith-Terry

(District 6): John Wasik*

(District 7): Carissa Casbon*

(District 8): Diane Hewitt*

(District 9): Mary Ross Cunningham*

(District 10): Jessica Vealitzek*

(District 11): Paul Frank*

(District 12): Paras Parekh*

(District 13): Sandy Hart*

(District 14): Angelo Kyle*

(District 15): Jennifer Clark*

(District 16): Esiah Campos

(District 17): Alicia Timm

(District 18): Sara Knizhnik

(District 19): Marah Altenberg*

North Shore Water Reclamation District Board of Trustees

(Ward 1): Preston Carter*

(Ward 2): Stephen Drew*

(Ward 3): Beverly Sugar Young*

(Ward 5): Rhoda Pierce*


Supreme Court, District 2: Elizabeth “Liz” Rochford

Appellate Court, District 2: Chris Kennedy

19th Judicial Circuit, Subcircuit 1: Chris Ditton

19th Judicial Circuit, Subcircuit 2: Sharmila Manak

19th Judicial Circuit, Subcircuit 3: Reginald Mathews

19th Judicial Circuit, Subcircuit 4: John L Joanem