Lake County Illinois Democrats serve in many levels of government including ...


 Tammy Duckworth

U.S. Senator

 Dick Durbin

U.S. Senator

 Sean Casten

U.S. Representative District 6

 Brad Schneider

U.S. Representative District 10

 Lauren Underwood

U.S. Representative District 14

 State Executive

 JB Pritzker


 Juliana Stratton

Lieutenant Governor

 Jesse White

Secretary of State

 Kwame Raoul

Attorney General

 Mike Frerichs


 Susana Mendoza


 State Legislative

 Julie Morrison

State Senate 29th Dist

 Terry Link

State Senate 30th Dist

 Melinda Bush

State Senate 31st District

 Mary Edly-Allen

State Representative 51st Dist

 Jonathan Carroll

State Representative 57th Dist

 Bob Morgan

State Representative 58th Dist

 Daniel Didech

State Representative 59th Dist

 Rita Mayfield

State Representative 60th Dist

 Joyce Mason

State Representative 61st Dist

 Sam Yingling

State Representative 62nd Dist


 Robin O'Connor

Lake County Clerk

 Holly Kim

Lake County Treasurer

 John Idleburg

Lake County Sheriff

 Mary Ellen Vanderventer

Lake County Recorder of Deeds

 Erin Cartwright Weinstein

Lake County Circuit Court Clerk

 Jay Ukena

Lake County Chief Justice

 Charles "Chuck" Smith

Judge 19th Circuit / 1st Subcircuit

 Patricia Fix

Lake County 2nd Subcircuit Judge / A

 Mark Levitt

Judicial Retention 19th Judicial Circuit Court

 Mitchell Hoffman

Judge 19th Judicial Circuit Court

 Diane Hewitt

Lake County Board District 2

 John Wasik

Lake County Board District 6

 Bill Durkin

Lake County Board District 8

 Mary Ross Cunningham

Lake County Board District 9

 Jessica Vealitzek

Lake County Board District 10

 Paul Frank

Lake County Board District 11

 Sandra Hart

Lake County Board District 13

 Angelo Kyle

Lake County Board District 14

 Jennifer Clark

Lake County Board District 15

 Terry Wilke

Lake County Board District 16

 Julie Simpson

Lake County Board District 18

 Adam Didech

Lake County Board District 20

 Preston Carter

North Shore Water Reclamation District 1

 Stephen J. Drew

North Shore Water Reclamation District 2 / Vice President

 Beverly Sugar Young

North Shore Water Reclamation District 3

 Daniel M. Pierce

North Shore Water Reclamation District 5 / President

 Township & Municipal

 Leon Rockingham

North Chicago Mayor

 Sam Cunningham

Waukegan Mayor

 Patricia Jones

Waukegan Township Supervisor

 Michael Lofstrom

Vernon Township Highway Commissioner

 Philip Hirsh

Vernon Township Trustee

 Roger Addelson

Vernon Township Trustee

 Jonathan Altenberg

Vernon Township Trustee

 Daniel Didech

Vernon Township Supervisor

 Adam Broad

Vernon Township Trustee

 Amy Zisook

Moraine Township Trustee

 Anne Flanigan Bassi

Moraine Township Supervisor

 Cindy Wolfson

Moraine Township Trustee

 Cynthia Plouché

Moraine Township Assessor

 Dwayne Douglas

Moraine Township Trustee

 Gail F. Brown

Moraine Township Clerk

 Olga Aguilar

Moraine Township Trustee

 State Central Committee

 Nancy Shepherdson

State Central Committeewoman District 6

 Patrick Watson

State Central Committeeman District 6

 Daniel Pierce

State Central Committeeman District 10

 Lauren Beth Gash

State Central Committeewoman District 10

 Kristina Zahorik

State Central Committeewoman District 14

 Peter Janko

State Central Committeeman District 14


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