Your job as a precinct committeeperson is simple: Find Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters, get them registered to vote and get them to the polls. The office of the precinct committeeperson is the most important position in the entire Democratic Party.

You can also be the most effective person in your area to get out the vote for Democratic candidates. People trust a neighbor, even if they’ve never met you, to give them objective information about candidates. You can pick and chose the candidates you support...or you can support the entire Democratic slate.

Every two years, in the primary election, you may run to be the elected committeeman for your precinct. An elected precinct committeeman is a Democratic Party official at the local level. Once you are elected, you have a voice in what your county Democratic Party does. You are also on the front lines in elections, invited to special events with top candidates and absolutely essential to winning elections! 

Volunteer to be a precinct committeeperson.

History in the Making:

Democrats are a Rising Tide in Lake County Illinois!

Democrats have been elected to state and local offices in Lake County for the past 40 years. In 1970, the late, great Grace Mary Stern became the Democrats first county-wide official when she was elected County Clerk. Democrats held that office for the next 24 years (12 under Stern; another 12 under Linda Hess). The 1970's also saw the election of Sheriff E.J. (Chick) LaMagdellan and State's Attorney Dennis Ryan. Democrats also elected their first State Senator from Lake County, Bill Morris, to represent the Waukegan area.

In 1992, Terry Link became chair of the Lake County Democratic Party. In that same year, Grace Mary Stern won a State Senate seat and Lauren Beth Gash was elected State Representative from the Highland Park area. Several Democrats also won County Board seats that year.

Four years later, Terry Link became the third Democratic State Senator from Lake County and Mary Ellen Vanderventer was elected Recorder of Deeds, positions they both still hold. In 1998, Susan Garrett was elected State Representative from the Lake Forest area. She was reelected once to that position, then became Lake County's fourth State Senator from the Democratic party in 2002.

In 2000, Link became the first Democratic State Senator reelected to that office and Karen May was elected State Representative from the Deerfield area.

In 2002, Eddie Washington was elected State Representative from the Waukegan area and Kathy Ryg began representing the Wheeling/Vernon Hills area.

In 2004, Melissa Bean was elected to Congress from the supposedly conservative northern and western parts of the county. The first physician coroner in Lake County, Dr. Richard Keller, was first elected that year. That year also saw the election of U.S. Senator Barack Obama, as well as the reelection of all Democratic incumbents. In 2006, Michael Bond won a state senate seat that had always been held by Republicans.

President Barack Obama was elected -- the change we needed -- in 2008. Also in that year, five new Democratic county board commissioners took their seats: Melinda Bush, Terry Wilke, Pat Carey, Diane Hewitt and Michelle Feldman. The board was within a few seats of being majority Democratic-controlled.

2010, of course, was not a good year for Democrats, but in Lake County, Democrats only lost two seats. The vast majority of Democratic incumbents was reelected because when voters see what Democrats stand for, voters like Democrats.

In the upcoming election, because of redistricting, every county board, countywide, state representative and state senate seat is up for election, forty-four seats in all. We need your help more than ever. Will you stand up for Democrats?




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